Alien Creature Found After U.F.O. Sighting in California (HOAX)

A woman posts pictures of what she claims is an alien creature shortly after an unidentified bright light spotted and photographed in the skies above California.

On November 7th, 2015, many people witnessed and recorded an unidentified bright light flying across the California sky. Social media quickly flocked to the story with many claiming the anomaly to be an Alien U.F.O.

The following day, a woman by the name of Gianna Peponis as well as a Reddit user, shared the following photographs, claiming the images were not only theirs, but also snapped shortly after reports about the bright light appeared.

Gianna Peponis

The following photos may be disturbing to some audiences, we would advise those who are easily offended or squeamish to proceed with EXTREME caution.

This was the video “UFO” that was captured on Nov,7,2015. This was later confirmed through JWA tower to be a Naval test fire off the coast.

We have learned that the photos of the “Alien Creature” originally came from Teshawn Michael Stafford in Pleasant Hope, Missouri. Stafford posted the pics asking friends for thoughts on what they thought it could possibly be.

FB user Aaron Driver said it is a premature deer and Cassidy West said “It looks like a calf that was born premature, and maybe something got a hold of it. Looks like its bottom half and part of its mouth was eaten.”

So why would someone steal photos and fabricate a story? A couple of reasons, 1. Attention whore and 2. Because today’s society is dumb enough to believe anything. Peponis has her 15-minutes of fame and new followers but now that her Hoax has been exposed, will she regret the attention she so desperately sought?

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