Dumb iPad Thieves Post Selfies on Victim’s iCloud Account

Houtson, — A man wakes up to find out his car has been broken into and his cash, checkbooks and iPad was taken. Not too long after, the victim find selfies taken by the thieves on his iCloud account.

Randy Schaefer was robbed on Jan 8th and after trying to unsuccessfully track his iPad, did not know what to do. Thankfully the thieves were idiots and didn’t understand how the cloud worked when they decided to take selfies of themselves at a local Burger King.

After posting the photos on Reddit, users began sleuthing and clues in the photos led them to believe the selfies were taken at a Burger King on Montrose and Westheimer. One user also identified one of the men as “Dorian,” someone he knew from High-School.

Schaefer believes that the iPad must have logged on to the BK’s network and proceeded to back-up the photos that were taken. Police have been contacted but no one has been charged or arrested in the case thus far.