“Hollywood Stuntz” Bikers Not New To Harassing Drivers (Video)

Hollywood Stuntz

Apparently the bikers who were recorded chasing down an SUV that ran over a fellow member is not new when it comes to harassing drivers. Another video recorded back in 2011 shows the “Hollywood Stuntz” bikers attacking another driver.

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Jay Meezee was the biker who was ran over by the driver of the SUV believed to be named Alexian Lien. The other members of the group created a Facebook page for Meezee in which they posted hospital photos and ask for justice against the driver of the SUV.

Jay Meezee is the one on the green Bike with Black helmet purple shirt!!! He is AWAY from the Rang Rover and if you watch the video you will see he was just riding minding his own business.. He witnessed an accident and got off his bike went to the ground to help the biker that was hit!!! He was being a good Samaratin a person with an amazing heart that will always do for others!!! he was on the ground attending to an injured person and was run over like an animal!!!!

Reports say Meezee is in a coma and is paralyzed from the waist down. We reached out to the group to see if they wanted to comment on the recent video showing them allegedly harassing other drivers but have yet to be contacted.


  1. The accident was very unfortunate and I feel for his family. However, I feel for the driver too. He did not know who was who, but was thinking about the safty of his family.

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