Miley Cyrus’ Controversial Performance At 2013 VMA’s (Video)

Miley Cyrus vma

Miley Cyrus put on one of the sluttiest performances at the 2013 VMA’s when she pretty much pleasured herself with a big foam finger and even fondled Robin Thicke while they performed a melody of ” We Can’t Stop”and “Blurred Lines”.

Being called the “Queen of Twerk” Miley Cyrus essentially put on an R-rated show for a PG Audience and if you ask us, we loved it.

Miley Cyrus #Bangerz

While many are calling Miley Cyrus a slut, many are also commending her for embracing her adult hood and streaming away (far far away) from the “Hannah Montana” image.

The Smith family seemed to be very entertained as they were shown with their reactions frozen in shock when Miley took the stage.

will sith family reaction

Check out Miley Cyrus’ 2013 VMA performance and let us know what you think.

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