Man’s Dream Chair Refills Beer Glass (Video)

Um yes, I want one! After seeing this video, we here still can’t close our jaws at this magnificent piece machinery. Imagine yourself watching the game drinking a cold brew and then realizing your about to bottom out.

What do you do? Ask someone nearest to the fridge or cooler to grab you another one? Get up and go yourself? or how about just lifting a secret compartment in your sofa chair to reveal a state-of-the-art Beer station where you can just place your empty glass on top of it and have it magically refill? Yeah, we’ll take that last option.

Check out this guy and his buddy just bro’ing out when all of the sudden BAM! A Lay-Z Boy arm chair becomes their own personal bartender. This is actually a Bottoms Up Beer Home Unit (BUHU).

Bottoms Up Beer provides a Kit install that can be assembled by you and gives you the freedom to install it anywhere you want. All you need to already have is a draft beer system (kegerator) to connect it to.