Marijuana Man Gets Robbed On Own Podcast (Video)


This is Marijuana Man, Marijuana Man has his own podcast in which he smokes tons of marijuana and talks about random things. A few things you should really consider when you have a Cam show from your home.

  1. Make sure you have good security
  2. Make sure no one knows where you live
  3. Especially if you reveal you have a good amount of insane Pot with you at all times

Marijuana Man is a Youtube sensation and one of our favorite all-around guys. Recently Marijuana Man suffered a travesty. Marijuana Man was robbed. Fortunately for us, Marijuana Man left his cam off and unknowingly filmed his own robbery.

2 guys rush in with a gun and begin to demand Marijuana Man tell them where his stash and money is. The hit him with a tire iron as he tells them where his stuff is in the other room. We don’t know for sure what happened but were told the two guys were arrested and will serve a minimum of 5 years in prison.

Another crazy part of this video is in some of his other videos, Marijuana Man talks about orbs that fly around him and I’ll be damned if at 1:26 you didn’t actually see an orb flying around.

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