Girl Eats Her Own Bloody Tampon (Shock Video)

What is this world coming to when a girl would eat her own bloody tampon for fun? Here you see a woman by the name of Giovanna Plowman, pulling a bloody tampon from her pants then proceeds to chew, suck and eat it.

Giovanna says that it isn’t fake and pans the video across her bathroom and floor to show there is nothing there. After she attempts to prove the legitimacy of the disgusting act she’s about to perform, she throws on some tunes to psych her up and then shoves her own bloody tampon in her mouth.

That was honestly disgusting, I don’t even know why I did this.

Of course a video can always be faked, but do you think this bloody tampon video is? Did Giovanna really eat her own bloody tampon or is this just some random chick that needs attention?

Watch a girl eat her own bloody tampon before Youtube takes it down. The below video does in fact have the footage. Just wait as it appears periodically through the video.

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