GOAT and Your MOM – Quack Like A Duck (Video)

When I first saw this video, I thought “My goodness Rob Zombie has really let himself go!” The I realized it was the weirdest band I have seen in a while. Just when you think it can’t get any weirder, bam! something else happens. Something about a weird long haired bearded guy shaking his balls while he sings just makes these Texans get all loose.

The Texas band is called GOAT and your MOM and the song is “Quack like a duck”. Never heard of them before (and for good reason) but it looks like they get down.

Feel free to send in the rest of the lyrics, were lazy here…

UPDATE: 12/19/2012

Big thanks to Anthony Buck for the “Quack Like A Duck” lyrics:

“Can you quack? can you quack like a duck when you suck,
can buck like a horse when we fu*k
can you take every inch of your butt,
can you sh*t on my chest for good luck,
can you quack, can you quack like a duck, when you suck,
can you fart on my balls when we fu*k,
can you stick your whole tongue up my butt,
Can you sh*t on my chest for good luck,
Can you quack, can you quack like a duck when you suuuuuucccck,

Well, you’re old enough to suck, young enough to fuck
But you ain’t cute enough to where I wanna knock you up
If you swallow it when you suck, and you take it up the butt
I might keep you around long enough to bust a nut

Well I don’t wanna knock you down, I just wanna knock you up
All I really wanna do is fuck you in the butt
Now you turn around, and now you suck it up
While your girlfriend’s behind you with the cum straight up my butt”