Prank Gets Woman Hit By Car (Video)

A prank ended up getting a woman hit by a car and it was all caught on tape. Many debate whether the video is real or not but if it’s fake, it is a really good fake. A fake that would put some movie effects to shame.

A man hides and waits for his girlfriend as she comes back home. He scares her and she runs out the house into the drive way where a car comes speeding towards her.

This may disturb some viewers so proceed with caution.

Watch a woman get hit by a car after a prank.

2 Comments on "Prank Gets Woman Hit By Car (Video)"

  1. LOL SOOO FAKE – the giveaways are in the actress’ slight hesitation before she turns around to see the guy AND when she turns and runs and screams before processing ANYTHING she has seen

    • You think it’s fake? I don’t know, it’s a pretty good fake then.

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