Edward “Barry” Archbold died after participating in a Ben Siegel Reptiles Midnight Madness eating contest to win a female pastel ball python. Edward Archbold was reported to have eaten 30 Roaches, 30 Worms And 100 Millipedes before he collapsed.

It was reported that there was no EMT personnel on standby but the contestants did also sign a waiver which more than likely indemnified Ben Siegel Reptiles from any responsibility of the mortality.

Ben Siegel Reptile Store’s attorney, Luke Lirot, said the bugs in the contest were “taken from an inventory of insects that are safely and domestically raised in a controlled environment as food for reptiles”

Ben Siegel Reptiles did show concern for Edward Archbold’s passing. The store in Deerfield Beach, Florida took to their Facebook page and said:

To All of Our Valued BSR Customers,

Thank you for participating in our Midnight Madness experience. Many of you have reached out to ask about the details surrounding Eddie Archbold’s passing the night of the Midnight Madness sale, but at this point we are not aware of any specific details. All we know is that sadly he has passed on. Please respect the privacy of the family as they try to deter
mine what happened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Eddie’s family in this terrible time. Although we just met Eddie the night of the sale, we all liked him right away. All of us here at Ben Siegel Reptiles are sad that we will not get to know Eddie better, for in the short time we knew him, he was very well liked by all.

Someone stated that it took the ambulance over 20 minutes to arrive after the first call. Edward Archbald was asked if he was ok after throwing up and he said he was fine and wanted his friends to take him home.

Here is video of Edward Archbold in the bug eating contest just moments before he collapsed.

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