It was bound to happen, a suicide was broadcasted on live television for everyone to see and it’s all thanks to FOX News.

It all happened during a car chase in Arizona with Police chasing a man who ditched the carjacked vehicle and began running into a field to elude the authorities. The man had a Helicopter following him so he was not going to escape anyway.

You can hear Shepard Smith (News Anchor) explaining that there is really no reason for a man to stop and get out in the middle of the field unless something crazy is about to happen.

Realizing he has nowhere to go, the man stops and pulls out a gun and contemplates for a few seconds on whether to take his life or not. He then with only seconds before the police come, points the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

The mans bod falls to the ground and they cut back to anchor man – Shepard Smith who warns them in the 5 second delay to get off the camera shot.

  • Moe

    Fox news sees criminal activity as entertainment that will get ratings. Now they pretend to be self righteous when a guy kills himself.

  • I don’t know what’s the big deal, other countries shows this stuff all the time.