Looks like we have a battle of the child stars or former child stars here. Lindsay Lohan has made it adamant that she is NOT happy that despite Amanda Bynes’ many encounters with law enforcement, she has yet to be arrested.

Amanda Bynes was reported to have text a close friend:

I HATE being compared to her.

Oddly enough, Amanda Bynes still continues to exhibit strange behavior. Just today, Amanda Bynes was reported to have gone shopping and locked herself in a dressing room for hours. A clerk at the ‘Kin’ boutique said she heard “Banging” noises coming from the dressing room every few minutes and alerted staff only to be told by Amanda that she “Needed more time”.

Amanda bought a few items and almost walked out when she realized she was still wearing a bathing suit she tried on, underneath her clothes. Amanda returned to the clerk and paid for it.

Anyway, we would like to ask a couple of questions

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