Ray J and Fabolous Fight

It seems Ray J (Brandy’s Little brother) and star of ‘For The Love Of Ray J‘ got into an altercation with rapper Fabolous over some Tweets.

Comedian Kevin Hart was indirectly involved as he tweeted on the issue at hand. It seems that during HBO’s 24/7 Floyd Mayweather, there was an instance where Mayweather said:

We havin’ a concert in my living room.” the camera then cuts to show Ray J singing “One Wish” and playing the piano.

Ray J told Kevin Hart that there were in fact women there and that HBO decided to use that certain clip.

Now, I don’t know what the big deal is, women or no women there, who cares? There’s been many times I’m just with my guy friends hanging out. Anyway, this seemed to get to Ray J because when him and Fabolous ran into each other at the Palms in Las Vegas, fist went flying.

It is unclear what really happened that night. Ray J was with 50 Cent and Mayweather, but no one has commented on what happened. Except for Ray J.

Ray J Called into Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, to give his version of the story.

Here are the tweets that started it all:

Here is the video Fabolous was referring to:

Here is the call made by Ray J to Power 105:

Video Of Ray J being escorted by Officers:

Ray J -- Dragged Out By Cops After Vegas Club Spat [VIDEO]

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