Kim Kardashian Has Better Bachelor Party Than Kris Humphries

So it’s official, Kris Humphries is so ‘whooped’ there were virtually no women at his bachelor party. Kim Kardashian on the other hand had tons of women in lingerie.

Call me crazy but, I don’t believe this marriage will last. Their ‘Love‘ for each other seems as fake as Kris Jenner’s face.

I do believe a big part of Kim deciding to marry Kris was because his name is spelled with a ‘K’. I feel like she probably told all her friends and family:

OMG! How cute is it that he spells his name with a ‘K’? Just like how we spell our names!

Whatever the reason, Kris should wear the wedding dress and Kim, the tuxedo because she obviously is going to be wearing the pants in that family.

Thanks To ‘TMZ’

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